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A High-tech Company Switched to CDNetworks Application Shield


The company is one of the world’s foremost leaders in integrated industrial and high-technology solutions, and is a member of FORTUNE magazine’s Global 500 list. Its business scope is comprehensive, encompassing digital products, electronic components, social infrastructure systems, and household appliances.

Challenges and Pain Points

The company’s business covers all regions of the world. Some of its key challenges stemmed from the following:

  1. Large numbers of daily online visits inside and outside Japan required the company website to maintain availability, performance, and load times at the highest levels.

  2. Due to its enormous business scale, the company’s website fell victim to a myriad of daily network attacks from all over the world. The company’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) vendor was simply unable to meet the company’s security service requirements, which included timely and reliable technical support along with adopting customization and optimization policies. As a result, the company switched WAF vendors in 2021, which forced it to undergo a rapid migration to a new WAF platform to address security and onboarding requirements.


The company’s continued dissatisfaction with its WAF vendor led it to CDNetworks’ Application Shield. Application Shield is a comprehensive all-in-one security-service solution that integrates state-of-the-art DDoS mitigation and Cloud WAF security with CDN acceleration. Its powerful features satisfied the company’s key requirements and convinced the company to migrate from its previous WAF platform to CDNetworks. The company also derived significant value from CDNetworks’ robust content delivery network (CDN), which boasts over 2,800 global Points of Presence. CDNetworks’ worldwide presence spurred greater customer inclusivity and engagement with the company’s business. CDNetworks’ security services, consisting of proactive monitoring and alarms, professional advisory reporting, and onboarding services, provided the company with professional security capabilities along with reduced enterprise security operation costs. In addition, our dedicated security experts helped the company resolve technical support challenges to keep business operating at peak efficiency, without interruption, while protecting against current and evolving cyber threats. Our WAF migration services include free onboarding, which covers business analysis, migration assistance, policy customization and optimization, and validating configuration settings to optimize business. CDNetworks also offers WAF training to protect the company from falling victim to cyber security attacks.

Seamless Migration Process for the Company

CDNetworks helped the customer migrate easily and quickly in 5 simple steps:

  1. Business Analysis: Collected key information/collection of pain points, checked other vendor’s custom policies & points of attention

  2. Migration Phase: Migrated custom policies, imported custom policies & reviewed analysis/proposal from security experts

  3. Initial Application and Validation: Enabled Log mode only and analyzed false positives/negatives

  4. Optimization and Customization: Reviewed analysis/proposal from security experts, optimized/customized policies, ran log mode + professional reporting

  5. Stable Operation: Reviewed/confirmed, enabled block mode as required and Deployed

Key Impacts/Benefits

  1. Thanks to the CDNetworks professional security service, the company migrated to CDNetworks’ WAF platform successfully and rapidly.

  2. The company operated normally throughout the entire migration, with no downtime or impact to its business.

  3. Following the migration, CDNetworks Application Shield (WAF solution) continues to block millions of daily attack requests aimed at the company’s website.

Attack Trend

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