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As is the case in the whole world, e-commerce volume in Turkey is showing a rapid growth. Many large and small e-commerce sites that want to take their place in the growing e-commerce world are continuing their online life.

In the ecommerce world where competition and alternatives are great. As well as a strongh infrasrtucture the ease of use performance, speed and continuity of e-commerce sites, is a great importance for e-commerce sites which seek to capture the success, to get a larger share of the e-commerce volume. In the online world where speed becomes more important than anything, a pause or slowness experienced by the end user during shopping is causing the end user to leave the site and turn to another alternative. The majority of end-users who are heading to another alternative e-commerce site due to the slowness of the site and do not return most of the time.

Dorabase, which hosts about 20% of e-commerce sector in his data center, has a deep knowledge and experience in e-commerce sector which has been serving for 9 years. With years of experience in the ecommerce industry. Dorabase is aware of the dynamics of the online business world and has a lot of e-commerce references with impressive success stories with business continuity, speed and high-performance service understanding.

Dorabase offers value to its customers in the e-commerce sector by making a difference with its data center solutions, Cloud and CDN services. He continues to write success stories to his e-commerce customers, who wants to give its visitors a high-speed, performance, unique user experience.

E-Commerce Solutions

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