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Turkey, being one of the most preferred countries in terms of tourism and travelling purposes, appeals many visitiors each year. Either summer vacations or cultural visits, Turkey offers the most favorable opportunities at large.

As the digital platforms have emerged to our daily life, the most of the purchases in travelling segment are made through the internet on desktops and mobile devices. Visual contents and public experiences that are published on the portals help potential customers explore and choose their preferred destinations. Likewise, online channels have become critically important for tourism and travelling industry, due to geographical constraints.

On the other hand, image and video content performance regarding opening speed and display quality facilitates a quicker decision making process among many alternatives. Therefore, the need for higher visual quality claims higher amounts of bandwidth performance.

With respect to the competitive dynamics of the industy, visitors have to be satisfied during the user experience phase in order to make sure none of your clients switches to an alternative website.

Loyal customers seek for qualified online performance. Dorabase, utilizing the deep expertise of serving many pioneer companies for many years, successfully addresses the dynamics, challanges and competition in the industry.

Dorabase adds value to its clients by differentiating the website performance with CDN and Cloud Solutions.

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