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Together with the interest of the young population as a technology, the game sector in Turkey and in the world is developing rapidly.

The highly dynamic game sector has about 67 million end users every month. Many game companies, many domestic and foreign games are on the market. The persistence of the games that go on the market depends on the performance, fast and uninterrupted infrastructure as much as the game editor.

The end user who plays the game is a young generation who does not tolerate any performance or speed loss. The game is a kind of speed for the end-user, it is a strategy and it's screeching, Dorabase is aware of this consciousness.

For gamers who are the last users of the gaming industry, not only a second in the games they play online, but even 10 times a minute is even more important. In the online gaming industry, one of the sectors where high performance and uninterrupted service are vital, gaming companies continue to grow every month.

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