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The Turkish media sector is a dynamic sector where great competition is experienced as it is in the world. In this competitive environment, media organizations that have been sustained, performance and paced by the digital terrestrial end users, in the face of sudden and unexpected events, and which continue to serve, have always been ahead of their competitors.

As in Turkey, the need for a high-performance, uninterrupted service to unexpected traffic and a good technical support team is more and more vital for an organization that provides digital media services in a country where the agenda is higher than Europe and the world average.

Dorabase distinguishes its customers in the media sector with its broad customer portfolio in the media sector and its CDNetworks business partner and CDN service from 200 different locations all over the world. Dorabase continues to make sure that media companies that want to fulfill the promise of fast and uninterrupted news wherever they are in the world, provide the features they need, keep an eye on the news from the last minute news and the news on the agenda.

Continuing to serve as the pioneer of the sector in Turkey, Dorabase follows all the technological developments around the world and speeds up the speed of its customers

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