About Hosting

Hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide For hosting a web site companies need space on a server owned or leased with connectivity, in a professional data center environment.

For publishing a web site or serving stored files on internet you need fast connection to the Internet backbone and a server that can simultaneously service hundreds of users. Computers which store files from a web site and serve them to the end users are named web server and to store and publish it is web hosting.

Veri Merkezi - Hosting
Veri Merkezi - Hosting
Do you believe you have the right partner to work for hosting your website safely?
Dorabase professional data center, was built from the beginning as a datacenter building and with last technology infrastructure and equipped, for offering business continuity.

Todays data centers

Data center, is a facality which host or lease the infrastructure systems such as enterprise servers (physical and cloud) for companies. Data center can bellong to companies, as well to companies like Dorabase for dedicated or cloud servers and hosting with value added services, like an outsourcing center.

Dorabase data center with backup power supplies, redundant connections, special cooling and air conditioning systems, fire suppression systems and the external environment has been specially built to suit the infrastructure of a data center and has a very unique features.

Data centers in Turkey

In recent years, major advances took place in the data center business. The increase in the number of Internet users intense competition and BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) forced banks to build their data centers in Turkey, this gave a 60% growth in the Turkey’s data center business and placed Turkey in the first place on world fast growing data center business.

Dedicated Server