Proven and reliable web performance over our strategically built network of 3 POPs in Turkey and 200 POPs globally. We specialise in those parts of the world where keeping a website accessible is most difficult: Mainland China, Russia, South East Asia and the Middle East

Given that there are more than 2.4 billion internet users worldwide, businesses have an opportunity to reach millions of consumers around the world. The challenge that businesses facing is to provide the best web performance for the users by providing fast and secure between distances. The CDN content delivery network is the key at this point.

Web Acceleration service will ensure that your website is open smoothly and effectively across the globe in unexpected traffic increase or temporary network outages. That's why your website is not sending the most requested cached content from your main server, but from servers on distributed PoP points that CDNetworks has around the world.

CDN- Content Delivery Acceleration
Content Delivery Acceleration
CDN solution ensures efficient web performance for your global audience.

Advantages of CDN

CDN maliyet avantajı sağlar


A company that receives CDN service will result in savings. Working with the CDN company, rather than investing in infrastructure in different locations, and managing separate contracts for each one, will provide significant cost advantages as well as the advantage of getting a single point of service.

CDN ile sürekli erişim


34% of the world's population and 44% of the Turkish population use the internet. Increasing use of the Internet over the last 10 years and investing in CDN in today's point is an important opportunity to increase the accessibility rates of businesses and thus to develop and grow their business. With CDN cloud acceleration and distributed PoP points, enterprises gain reliable access to online transactions. Concerns such as end-user access, performance, and sales of businesses have been lifted by CDN.

CDN web sitenizin yanıt süresini optimize edebilirsiniz.


Speed, performance and latency issues for businesses doing business over the Internet can seriously affect sales, existing customers and new customers. CDN is especially important for any business, especially businesses doing business over the internet. Reliable CDN service accelerates page download speed and online transactions are reliable and continuous, thereby increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Cloud DNS ile Yüksek Güvenlik


A successful global CDN company transforms local PoP points, local expertise, local and global affairs into a single service point. Often companies offer services to a specific region, but there are not enough investments and service points to implement business strategies in that region. With global CDN, it is possible to achieve end-to-end scalable solutions when desired region is desired.



CDN provides valuable and detailed analytical data, as well as serving content quickly and efficiently. With this data, it is possible to optimize the website with the possibility of seeing marketing and sales trends.

CDN solution ensures efficient web performance for your global audience.
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